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Leave it to the experts at Grace & Faith Construction Co. LLC!

Residential & Commercial

Home remodeling and construction projects can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. That’s where the professionals come in. At Grace & Faith Construction Co. LLC, we can complete your home repair and remodeling projects quickly and efficiently, saving you time and stress. Best of all? We actually save you money in the long run. Since we have access to wholesale pricing on materials, which can help lower the cost of the project. Additionally, they can help avoid costly mistakes that can arise from DIY projects. Our professionals have the skills needed to manage every aspect of the project, including permits, inspections, and subcontractors. They ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget, while also addressing any issues that arise along the way.

we work with the

subcontractors for you!

As a construction company, we’re very familiar with vetting and working with a range of subcontractors on big jobs. Part of what sets us apart is we do all the coordination for you when it comes to subcontractors. Our team connects you with reliable plumbers, electricians, roofers, HVAC specialists, and others. When you hire us, you hire a construction company that handles it all.

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An Overview Of Our Services

So what kind of construction work do we specialize in? The simple answer is anything that involves a residence or commercial front. Our team offers a range of construction services, including upgrading flooring, laying foundations, new construction, home maintenance and repairs, and more!

Interior / Exterior Remodeling

  • Structural repairs
  • General repairs
  • Home maintenance & repairs
  • Painting

New Construction and Additions

  • Concrete construction (ex. Slabs and sidewalks)
  • Patio, barn, shed construction

Stump removal

Whether dealing with a single nuisance stump or multiple remnants from tree removal, our team can handle projects of any scale. Beyond mere removal, we prioritize eradicating roots, preventing potential regrowth, and ensuring a seamless, hazard-free terrain. With a commitment to client satisfaction and the enhancement of outdoor aesthetics, our stump removal service strives to leave landscapes unburdened, providing a fresh canvas for your landscaping aspirations.


Our drainage services offer tailored solutions to ensure optimal functionality and protection for your property. With a focus on preventing water accumulation and potential damage, our team of skilled professionals assesses your landscape’s unique topography to design and implement efficient drainage systems. From installing French drains to constructing surface channels, we customize solutions that mitigate erosion, prevent flooding, and safeguard the structural integrity of your property.

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